Dogo du Togo Puts Togolese Music on the Map

…Dogo du Togo’s debut album is a gem, eleven warm and inviting, mostly acoustic tracks with unique rhythms and beautiful melodies. Coming from a country we don’t hear from a lot, the album is a welcome surprise. Afropop’s Banning Eyre reached Massama Dogo over Zoom to talk about his career and the project. Here’s their conversation

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Songlines Album Review


“…Uplifting harmonies and heartwarming melody. Dogo’s first solo endeavour is a huge success.”

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Recent videos

💃🕺⚡️Adja (live)

🎷💃🏾🎸Nyé Dzi (live)

🎤Interview and live performance on VOA news show Africa54

VOA’s Heather Maxwell introduces music from guitarist, songwriter and band leader Massama Dogo, aka “Dogo from Togo,” who performs live in the Africa 54 studio in Washington. Dogo’s recently released debut self-titled album captures the sound of Togo with festive rhythms and hypnotic voodoo melodies.

🎤Evening news on Togolese national tv! (in French)

DOGO was invited on Togolese national tv’s evening news to talk about his new release (DOGO du Togo).

DOGO “It’s good to sing beauty. It’s also important for an artist to be an educator.”

🎶 Debut Album Now Available!

My debut album is out, and available worldwide on all platforms!

Debut album to be released on October 28!

DOGO’s debut album “DOGO DU TOGO” is set to be released on October 28! Pre-order the record on iTunes – 


Massama Dogo holding his acoustic guitar

“It’s no secret we’re suckers for a good song and dance, and Lome, Togo’s own Dogo just recorded a great song and video to accompany it” – Afropop Worldwide about the new single “soké wo”

Music inspired by heritage

Togolese festive rhythms, ritual Voodoo melodies, political lyrics form the base of rising
Togolese artist DOGO’s music. Then guitars and vocals sandwich bass, drums, and horns to form a modern full sound.
A growing following in his home country of Togo has cemented him as a musician to watch.

Desire to connect

“Creating music gives me the deepest satisfaction. But there’s no greater joy than connecting with my various audiences and recreating my songs on stage with them.” -DOGO du Togo

🔴 New Documentary/Music of Togo

 The mini documentary about my music is out! What makes my music and Togolese music different from music of other countries in Africa? What to expect from my upcoming debut album “DOGO du Togo” to be released on October 28? The answers are in the documentary!